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Do you know why shall the customer buy your product? People don’t buy products and features .. people buy solutions and benefits … That’s the fact, and as a marketer, you need to ask yourself, why shall the customer buy your product, not the competitors’’? Any product has a main use, but customers don’t compare between products depending on this main use .. but compare the solutions and the benefits added to it, that means the customer considers the quality of the product is guaranteed, That tells why cellphone factories care about adding memory cards to save more data, adding CAMERA to a CELLPHONE !! wired huh ?! Now you need to think about your products, your generic product isn’t the main search for your customer.. your added benefits, your added value will attract your customer and satisfy him.

Published by Mina Kirolos

Mina Kirolos is the founder of Miami Production, He jumps between Canada, USA & Egypt for different current projects. He has a different background in Film, Bussiness, and Management and worked in different kinds of projects. His education background differs between Business, Marketing, Journalism & Media Production.

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