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Video Production

Corporate video communications cover a wide range of projects. From training videos to a message from the president, a corporate video can fill a variety of needs, and positively contribute to your bottom line.
The powerful medium of corporate video allows you to concentrate on running your business, confident in the fact that your message is being communicated with 100% accuracy, higher retention rates, and to an audience as broad as your imagination. From the boardroom to the living room to the World Wide Web to the presentation screen, your message will be clear.


Our extensive experience and diverse client base mean we have a breadth of production styles of methods to suit your corporate video production. We offer an ‘end to end’ solution which means we work with you from the initial ‘storyboarding’ and scripting stage, right up to designing the package layout and creating multiple copies of your DVD or providing other distribution methods such as web videos, and e-marketing solutions.


That's how we make it.

Our highly experienced camera crews shoot on the latest digital formats, and we offer digital video editing in our own in-house edit suite.

Pre Production

Every production is unique. We analyze your needs and determine the best way to approach fulfilling them. During the pre-production phase, our staff develops a battle plan and offers only the services you need without the excess. We then give you a detailed outline of your production with timelines, services included for the entire production, and delivery specifications. Some of the many individual services offered in pre-production are storyboards, script writing, research and development, and location scouting.


Our crews are composed entirely of industry professionals. We offer full-service crews that include directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, and production audio… just to name a few. We will use only the crew members needed to get the production done right, no more, no less. Additionally, we are well-versed in all formats and styles of filmmaking. No production is too big or small.

Post Production

Miami Production additionally offers a full range of post-production services. During picture editing, we work with you so that we get your vision right. We invite our clients to give us feedback during post-production and work together to see your production through.
In terms of audio, our audio mixers and editors adhere to strict television broadcast standards and deliver a final mix that shines. Our music composers and extensive sound effects libraries bring your production to life as well as our team of graphic designers. Lastly, we are experienced in all delivery formats. Is your production going on-air? Online? On a specific tape format? Do you need duplication services? We have all the necessary resources to deliver your final cut in any format and in a timely manner.
The staff of the company is striving to provide to our clients and guests the most professional services and help with the preparation and realization.
We ensure client satisfaction, and we offer them the best, and latest hardware, and software available and expert production staff for minimal costs.

Delivery & Distribution

After making sure of your happiness and satisfaction by meeting your target and all your requirements, We deliver the video in all required formats for all used platforms.

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