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Our team consists of creatives that understand your marketing objectives, and make corresponding videos and animations to best represent your message and identity. Our videos are both informative, and entertaining. We specialize in event videography, TV commercials, wedding videos, documentaries, and other video-related content.

Our Services

Video Production

We know the power of video, and how it can create a strong sense of brand, and loyalty amongst customers. We are confident in the message we communicate, and that we can retain audience attention and imagination. Your message will be clear with us. Our crew is composed entirely of industry professionals, that include directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, and production audio. We use the right crew members, with the right skills to create different styles of productions – no production is too big or too small.


Covering events from around the Middle-East, Miami Production made a name of itself in Cairo and is looking to do the same here in Canada. We use special techniques, and maintain a high standard of quality when filming the entirety of an event.


Post-production is one of the most important aspects of completing your project to perfection. We work with you so that we get your vision right. We invite our clients to give us feedback during post-production, and work together to complete your project as you envisioned it. We deliver a final mix that shines. Our music composers, and extensive sound effects libraries brings your production to life. Lastly, we are experienced in all delivery formats. Is your production going on air? Online? On a specific tape format? Do you need duplicate services? We have all the necessary resources to deliver your final cut in any format, and by the deadline.

Digital Marketing

How do you turn these online consumers into paying customers? Simply .. that's our mission. to make your online presence exceptional. We start from strategy, Know your business and your target customers, integrate all marketing tools, platforms and tactics together planning how to help them use your business and solutions to solve their problems.


We have experience shooting all types of professional photos for our clients, including: Corporate team photography. Product photography. Commercial photography. Event photography. Location and architectural photography. Lifestyle photography. Food photography. Social media photography. Contact us now to get a free quote.

Check out our work

Clown in the TOWN

A short movie tells the story of an immigrant clown to Canada showing what happened when he tried to embed in the Canadian community showing the advantages and disadvantages of this community diversity.


ECS is a leading provider of technology and business consulting services. A strategic partner of ECS is SAP – The world market leader for enterprise applications, analytics and mobile solutions. We have successfully delivered SAP implementation projects in Egypt and KSA’s largest companies. Our team has an average of 25 years of technology and business experience and a strong history in SAP implementations, this expertise helped us deliver what customers dreamed of and will enable us to further capitalize their growth.

Canada Shortcut

Shortcut is a web series covers all that you need to know before arriving in Canada. Starting from the very beginning, answering each question you ask, and every other question you didn’t even ask. Get your new life well planned before even arriving, make the surprises minimal. Enjoy your new life in Canada.

No Trespassing or Cameras Allowed

A social comedy film about Thuraya Abdeen al-Entebli (Mervat Amin) receives a court order to obtain her grandfather’s villa, Entebble Pasha, which was nationalized during the period of the conventions and when she goes to receive it, she found it was transformed into a police department – Thuraya and her family live in the police department to obtain her right, Then the events follow.


One decision – right or wrong – is able to change your whole life, decision after decision is like the snowball effect, starts by small significance and builds upon its self …. by time its irreversible. The film starts by Adam at the age of 40, his alarm is set at 7:00 am, he wakes up to his normal day to day routine, he meets Adam at the age of 22 and monitors his actions and how it impacts who he is today, as the days go by we see how different choices reshapes both lives.

Inclusion Plus

Inclusion Plus identified over 30 innovative solutions working to improve access to quality financial services. Six finalists competed at the final event on 6 December 2017 and we finally have our winner.

World Cup Stories

World cup history is full of interesting stories , Some of them are funny, some of them are sad , but now all of them are part of the history that lead to the amazing version we have right now. Let’s know more about it.