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Miami Production aims to work closely with its clients to craft influential advertisements and convincing. You can easily know more about us, our clients, our quality and experience by watching our showreel. We use all our experience and all media production tools to deliver your message and help your prospects find you,

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Media Production

Our extensive experience and diverse client base mean we have a breadth of production styles of methods to suit your video production. We offer an ‘end to end’ solution which means we work with you from the initial ‘storyboarding’ and scripting stage, right up to designing the package layout and creating multiple copies and formats of your video or providing other distribution methods such as web videos, and e-marketing solutions.


Events organizing & covering is our mission, we cover it by a very high technology video and photography equipment, by following each part of the program we cover all the details , then the Editing & Post Production phases start , we guarantee your satisfaction

Digital Marketing

We determine the most effective social platforms and messaging for your brand, then launch and manage this critical communication tactic.

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