Your Target Is Ours.

    Why Video?

    Why YouTube MarketingBecause video works. It's the most effective and efficient way to deliver the message about your organization, your offerings, your customers, and (quite frankly) why you're best suited to help prospects, customers, and other interested parties.

    Video has now become the number one communication vehicle for marketers. More importantly though, YouTube is where you can best deliver your value proposition and have your target audience take action.

    Why YouTube?

    • Largest video platform by far: 154 million monthly viewers in the U.S.
    • World's second largest search engine
    • Passionate audiences in all B2C and B2B verticals
    • Offers hyper targeted video advertising
    • Significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO)
    • The only video platform available on all devices: PC/Mac, phones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs

    YouTube is the ultimate marketing platform.

    Why Marketing

    Incorporating YouTube into both your overall marketing strategy and campaigns delivers dramatic and measurable marketing results. Recently, Miami worked with one national organization on a video marketing campaign, driving up views by nearly 400% and web traffic and business by 20%. That's huge.

    YouTube gives you effective paid and organic search, along with hyper-targeting, advertising customization, and powerful content control. When combined with marketing initiatives, YouTube can outperform and deliver not only the views, but more importantly, the actions.