Your Target Is Ours.


    We in Miami Production have the experience to create a unique idea , and produce it simplest way, Our professional crews and equipments help us to make the impossible possible and give us the availability to work with all budgets

    The first step in successful TV advert production is about getting to know your company and your products or services. We'll analyze your marketplace to find out what your customers look like, who your competitors are and what their customers look like.

    Then we'll define what you're looking to achieve. How many more customers do you want? How many more sales? How much more profit? That's important, because only when we know what success looks like can we create a campaign to deliver it.

    Good TV advert production is part art, part science. It requires a blend of creative and technical skills, like innovative concept creation, sharp script-writing, intelligent casting, and slick production and editing. It's about bringing those elements together to create something that produces impact, something that excites, captivates and motivates your audience to buy whatever it is you're selling. And that's precisely what we do. We create TV ads that build brands, increase sales, attract more customers and win over competitors' customers.

    Producing a commercial is a long process , starting from taking the decision , passing by studying the message, choosing a slogan, creating an attractive idea, creating the audio track, preparing for shooting and the shooting day itself , then the postproduction period and finalizing

    After all of that we start the period of MEDIA PLAN ,, planning the broadcasting with different channels according to the target audience.